Site Has Officially Moved!

This site has now moved to I decided to pay for webhosting finally and have moved my site and domain over to HostGator.  I got a decent deal from them and decided to take the plunge.  For a few days the site WILL be a bit quirky since I am just getting used to having to edit themes once again, but please bear with me.

I hope that this is a good move for me, please if you read my blog now check out my new site.  I will be improving on my content and pushing more towards the frontier of figure photography and personal photography once the site is finally set up.

Thank you hope to see you at the new site.


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Site Construction

For the next few days the site will be under construction. I thank Ripaz and Orange for their feedback about my paid webhosting inquiry and have decided to take the plunge.  Please keep check on my Deviant Art and Twitter for site updates and such until I get things back online.

Also for now due to a domain name transfer attempt please use my old URL I believe most of everyone already does.

Thank you and wish me luck =3

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Kairu90’s Mini Mini Post

I was thinking of moving my blog over to paid web hosting so I can have more freedom with my blogging theme as well as being able to do what I want with my site without WordPress restrictions.

I need some feedback before I make a move like this.

  • How will I move all my posts and files to my new blog? Does the built in import and export .xml files have ALL that information contained?
  • Does paid hosting give you the freedom of running a blog however you want and could I simply use my wordpress admin panel for everything?
  • What is a good hosting service that is fairly cheap and will not give me issues with server downtime and bad connection to server?

Please leave me a few comments for some feedback I am very interested in doing this but do not want to lose my information/hits/posts.

February 23, 2010 at 2:39 pm 5 comments

New Camera =3

Recently I had been teetering on the idea of buying a new camera for myself.  My mom has a nice Sony Cybershot that she bought about 5 maybe 6 years ago and she paid over $400 at the time.  I had been using that to take all of my pictures up until now.  I was at work (I work at walmart for those who do not know) and got to looking at the camera’s and spotted a few I like and decided to get one.  Came home did a little research and bam I came home with a Sony DSLR-A230 the very next day.

Now I am not going to try and pass myself off as some expert photographer but all in all this thing is great compared to my moms old camera and GREAT for beginners to use.  Once you look through the viewfinder it instantly begins to focus actively on the object it “thinks” your trying to catch.  It automatically adjusts the shutter speeds and f-stop as it needs without missing a beat in snapping photos.

I will be honest I have not been able to play with this camera overly much, but here is a few quick shots I have been able to catch.  I am REALLY anxious to play with manual settings =3

My figures are so dusty! Anyone have tips to clean them off that will not mess with the paint?

February 22, 2010 at 8:40 pm 5 comments

I finally make a post! lol

My Kisuke cosplay is so close to being finished.  I just need to wait for one more essential part of the outfit to come in the mail….the wig.  I received the costume in the mail this morning after such a LONG agonizing wait.  To be honest when I first tried it on I was VERY displeased with it, it did not seem anything like Kisuke to me, and felt 3 sizes too large which I still may be the case =.= I did some studying on it and felt that the pants need to be hemmed up a bit, but before I go through that trouble I will wait for the wig to come in and let it all come together.  I am still a little unsure how I feel about the costume since I just tried it on again 10 minutes ago and thought I made a smexy shopkeeper =P

With that being said I will not post any photos of it until its done, but I would like any readers I have to give some feed back please and thank you.  I want the outfit to be as accurate as possible on an American that lives in the South…..*Sigh* haha.

On another note I finally got in a new figma. I had preordered Max Factory’s Yui figma beginning of the year and she finally came in today. I need to get some much better pictures but she is adorable isn’t she!!?!?!?!?! I think she is so cute, but the guitar straps were a PAIN to put on. My last Otacute had me concerned with the stores authenticity but seeing Yui in great condition has restored my confidence with using them again to order. Once I get some free time I want to change up her pose more and take some better photos.

The Dragon Con event got cancelled. Some plans fell through and now I do not get to go T_T though in a way it is a good thing. The time off work will be much appreciated and on top of all that I wanted to built a computer and needed some extra funds anyway ;)

Anyways my wig should be in tomorrow I hope and I can take some pictures in my full Kisuke cosplay!

Also i have NO idea what happened to my pictures…ill worry about it later XD

February 17, 2010 at 5:45 am 9 comments

Rant Time =.=

Ah well, I was taking a look at fellow blogger Yi’s post dates, and I saw that it is for the most part one weekly post……I like that.  I love the idea of just one post a week so for now that will be my routine that way I can come up with some decent content to spread around and make good content filled posts rather than ones like…..*cough* this one >.<

Work has been getting rather tough lately, I am longing for my days off more and more and falling slowly into the rut of work and sleep.  I have not done ANYTHING about school except for mental planning my heads been swarmed with sweet thoughts of Animazement and Dragon Con coming up this year and my cosplay.  On top of all that I have been spending past my pay checks on Anime merchandise and DVDs….plus..*cough* other helpful things…*secret*

My room has become a mess my social life has become even worse I pretty much just talk to a total of 3 people, my internet friends hate me now apparently, real life friends I keep pissing off since I am tired of being “helpful” I just do not feel like giving out sympathy to people anymore for stupid problems.  I believe I have officially become a misanthropist.  I hate human nature of common society it makes me absolutely sick =.= there is only a handful of people I can trust and tolerate the rest I end up stereotyping until I actually get to know the person.

I do not like the way things have become honestly.  Ever since getting out of high school and getting a job my whole perspective on the world has drastically changed.  Not to say I LOVED high school, but I just felt that there was some sort of hope in the matter.  In the real world I see the same thing in high school just in a more advanced level.  Girls complaining about their boyfriends begging for advice and STILL doing nothing about it.  The men who only care about sex not for the woman’s feelings.  People who outright have no heart for anything whatsoever.  The real world simply sucks.  I was over confident coming out of high school expecting maturity from the people around me and instead got the same crap in high school all over again.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the people labeled as “nerds”, “geeks” and even “otaku” are the only ones who seem to have a grip on common sense. They are the only ones that seem to actually have a heart and care about the people around them….least that is what I have seen.

My birthday is getting closer and closer and I will be a great 20 years old.  Even with that I am still upset, I have become pessimistic, cruel hearted, and just…tired.  About the only 2 things I care about and passionate about lately is Michelle (gf) and my anime addiction.  Those are the only things keeping me from the brink of bursting out in acts of anger.  I am not saying I am unhappy, by no means I am actually VERY happy but I am negative and have very little confidence for over 75% of the people I have been around.  I would love to list ALL their names and just simply rant on each and every one of them, but that would not be something to do right about now.  Simply because I know I have my own issues as well that someone can rant on me all day long on.

*Sigh* I ish tired…and I feel better kinda >.< this is why I love having a blog.  I can bitch all the time and no one HAS to read it only if they want to.  Its not like bitching to someone on the phone and they have no choice but to listen and make meaningless comments to shut you up. For those of you who actually decided to read the whole ranting I urge you to comment.  I want to know if I am the only one who has had these thoughts and give me some feedback on how YOU see things.  I am not asking for a flame! XD just simply a debate?

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Ebay/Con Update!/Otacute Order

Ah well, time for another more personal post regarding some things in my boring ol’ life now.  Last night and today I browsed Ebay for over 8 hours.  I am completely hooked on it trying to find good deals on anime merchandise.  I do know the horrors of Ebay, but I still cannot stop the pull!!  I have been doing my best to stay away from figures all together since half the time they end up being bootlegged.  That being said…..I still bought some from a seemingly reputable source.  I have a pretty good feeling about it!

On another note I have fully ordered my Kisuke coplay for my Dragon and Animazement con….yessss I did order it and not mad it myself, I am not that talented in that field.  All in all it will run me around $130 or so, mainly because of the wig and outfit.  I decided to go all out for it.  The whole costume should be in….middle of this month I hope, some parts arriving earlier than others.

Also! I received my Konata figure from Otacute!  I have had my wearies over the store for a while now considering they had a lot of older figures in  stock that had been long sold out.  My suspicions were somewhat true.  She has some defects, a bit of a sloppy paint job in some areas as well, I am nearly convinced she is a bootleg, but I will take some pictures tomorrow and maybe someone could tell me otherwise.

(Feeling REALLY lazy and did not add much pics….lol)

February 1, 2010 at 12:12 am 2 comments

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